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COVID-19 Update – Providing innovation and creativity in the midst of a pandemic.

During this difficult time, we have remained true to our tagline “Where LIFEstyle sparks new beginnings.” We continue to provide community member and employee engagement through innovative and creative ways. Just last week, we hosted a Spirit Week where each day we had fun themes and handed out prizes to employees. We have held social distancing hallway bingo and ice cream (non)socials to make sure we serve those at our communities. Our foundation and resource center teams continue to do daily outreach to our community members and clients to check in and make sure they are taken care of. We have been connecting those who need resources to local community organizations.

The Ohio Masonic Home has always prided itself on being innovative and providing the latest technology to employees and community members to make their jobs and lives easier. Community members across the state have been given tablets with COVID-19 information, virtual platform technologies like Skype and FaceTime, and telehealth programs. We’ve been able to connect loved ones again so that they can wish each other good night and blow each other a kiss. Grandparents have been able to see their grandchildren and spend Easter Sunday with them virtually. We’ve even celebrated 100th birthday parties through video chat!

We will continue to provide updates on this news and events blog and our social media pages. In fact, we hosted a Live Q&A Session on our Ohio Masonic Home Facebook page at 1:00 p.m. EST yesterday with Scott Buchanan, CEO of The Ohio Masonic Home and Jason French, Administrator of Western Reserve Masonic Community so they could field your COVID-19 questions. We want to be as transparent as we can so you have the information you and your loved ones need to navigate this complex COVID-19 world.

THIS is what makes The Ohio Masonic Home and all of its campuses so special. From transparency to communication to resources, WE put the social and physical wellness of those we serve first and always will.