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Start Your Day On A Plane? Don Muncy Did.


Don Muncy started his day last Thursday by climbing into a TBM Avenger at Grimes Field, Urbana, Ohio. The skies were bright blue and the weather was perfect to go flying.  The Avenger, a World War II aircraft, is one of the more rare aircrafts from that era that is still flying today. The Avenger is part of the Commemorative Air Force from Culpepper, VA. The plane travels to different cities around the country providing flights for veterans.


This was a perfect match as Don is a World War II veteran and he felt perfectly at home in the sky. You could see the excitement on his face before the flight and his smile was even bigger when he returned. Don shared, “I could see so much of Springfield as well as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I could see much of Dayton too.” Besides Don’s career in the US Navy, he also worked for the FAA in air traffic control.



Don was originally from Springfield before living in many places around the country based on his career. When he decided to move back to Springfield, he chose to move to the Springfield Masonic Community in 2005. In his spare time Don enjoys his favorite hobby, painting.