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What Did You Get For Christmas?

Springfield Masonic Community held their Gift Exchange for independent living community members. Just over 40 people participated and everyone had a great time and left with some really nice gifts.

You received a number as you arrived and placed your gift on a table in the center of the room.  As the gift exchange began, Dave Flohre, Independent Living Housing Manager, began by calling the first number.  That community member came to the table, picked a gift and returned to their seat.  As the afternoon progressed, this same scenario continued, with one extra twist.  You could either keep what you chose, or you could take a gift that another community member had opened and give them your gift.  Several gifts became very popular and got taken several times throughout the gift exchange! 

Gifts included such items as food, wine, and soft throws for relaxing and watching TV. There was Ester Price Candy, Christmas items and even a cute toy dog that walked and flapped its ears.  No matter what gift they left with, everyone left with a smile on their face and the feeling that the holiday season was well underway!