BMC Enjoys Bingo

Most of us probably learned to play Bingo when we were kids at a birthday party or family gathering. When you went to school, you played Bingo related to different subjects in school.  Many teachers used Bingo as a way to help their students learn their math facts.  What is 6 X 4?  If you knew the answer was 24, you were able to fill one of your squares.  Throughout life, people enjoy playing Bingo.

The community members at Browning Masonic Community (BMC) are no exception.  When the opportunity to play Bingo was suggested, nearly 30 people were excited and gathered to play. As they laughed and enjoyed each other’s company they also discovered there were some good prizes going to the winners.  If you won, you got to take a gift card of your choosing from the stack of cards.

Who were the lucky winners? It just so happened that the two newest community members at BMC were the winners.  It’s a good guess that they will return to play another time.