SMC Widow’s Dinner

The 35th Annual Springfield Masonic Community Widow’s Dinner is a time to reflect on the husbands that are no longer on this earth.  Their spirits with continue to live on in their hearts.

Prior to the dinner, the widows met privately with Timothy S. Wheeland, Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio where they received the Widow’s Pin.  The Widow’s Pin was created as an emblem to symbolize the continued concern and honor for the widow of a Brother Master Mason, a Brother whose name added luster to the Craft as he labored with us. Now that his name has been entered upon the Roll of the Celestial Lodge, we cannot forget those things which he loved so deeply, nor can we be unmindful of our duty to him. Let this be a reminder of your tie to us; a relationship where you will find friends in time of need and gladness who will welcome you as we continue our labors of Friendship, Brotherly Love and Truth.  These thoughts were shared with the widows as they received their pins.

After the presentation of the Widow’s Pin, the ladies joined the other to enjoy an excellent dinner and exquisite harp music. Very moving comments were shared at the beginning and the end of dinner.  As the ladies were leaving, every lady was handed a rose as a remembrance of the evening.