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Springfield Masonic Community Appreciation Lunch

Many people go to work and never hear the words “good job” or even the words “thank you.”  Those little words can make the difference in how you feel about your job.  Now, add in a pandemic and those words become even more important.

At Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) the employees always know they are appreciated. Is it a T-shirt, or a sweet treat?  For some employees it is the time they spend with a community member simply brightening their day.

SMC employees enjoyed their Friday the 13th with a delicious appreciation picnic lunch. Hamburgers and hotdogs along with all the typical side dishes were served.  People took time to relax and enjoy lunch with their co-workers. Along with their co-workers, they were joined by the leadership of Springfield Masonic Community as well the corporate leadership from The Ohio Masonic Home. Talking and laughter filled the clubhouse. Everyone walked away knowing just how much they were appreciated.