Stir Fry Tonight

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) is a great place to live. You can have fun while spending time with your friends and neighbors enjoying some delicious meals. SMC members decided to have a special dinner at least once a month.  At a recent Menu Chat the community members were asked their suggestions for these dinners. The overwhelming choice for the first dinner was stir fry.

The management heard their comments and June 2nd was the first Stir Fry Tonight. The dinner lasted for three hours giving community members the opportunity to enjoy dinner at their convenience.

The Community Center staff went above and beyond with beautiful decorations and excellent dinner choices. Community members enjoyed made to order stir fry and homemade Lumpia, a Filipino style crispy fried spring roll with a filling of pork and vegetables.  Fortune cookies were on each table and everyone enjoyed sharing their fortunes and laughing about the chances of their fortunes coming true.