Meet Shawnta, LPN, CDP

A True Super Star

At Browning Masonic Community, our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with Shawnta, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) endorsement. She’s sharing her story and the success she’s had at Browning Masonic Community. Meet Shawnta, a Browning Masonic Community Super Star!

How long have you worked at Browning Masonic Community?

I have worked at BMC since 2008. I began as a Resident Assistant. I received my degree at the Professional Skills Institute in Maumee, Ohio, and I began working as an LPN. I was one of the employees that had the privilege of opening Pathways Memory Care.

What makes Browning Masonic Community different than other senior living communities?

There is a feeling that you get when you work at BMC. It’s the feeling of “home” and I get that feeling every day I walk through the front door. The other employees and community members are my extended family. I feel like I have grown up while working here. Many of the employees are becoming long-term friends. You won’t find this atmosphere everywhere you work. I feel so lucky.

What do your daily responsibilities include?

My responsibilities are consistent every day. That may sound boring, but it really isn’t. Every day starts and ends with a “report.” As I come on shift I am briefed by the nurse that is just finishing her shift. Knowing how your patient did during the previous 12 hours is critically important to provide the best care possible.

Dispensing the medications as well as providing guidance to other medical employees is another part of my job. Keeping my patients safe means everything to me. That’s such an important part of my job, and I take it very seriously.

What are some of your favorite benefits Browning Masonic Community offers?

I have a couple of favorite benefits. First, if something happens in my personal life, I have my BMC family to turn to. My co-workers will be there for me and even bring me meals. Everyone watches out for each other. I never feel alone.

The Employee Assistance Fund is a beneficial program that The Ohio Masonic Home provides for all employees. I have guided employees on the use of this program and have seen the smiles of happiness and relief on their faces as they are able to get the help they so desperately needed.

What would you tell a prospective employee about Browning Masonic Community?

Browning Masonic Community is a great place to work! Like all jobs, some days are better than others. At BMC there are so many great days. When working with a senior population you discover that you have extra family members. It’s exciting to have so many grandparents.

No matter what department you work in, you are on a team. There is always someone to help you learn your job and to simply be your friend.

Come join our team and see for yourself what a great place BMC is to work.

Why do you love working at Browning Masonic Community?

I love the opportunity to meet the community members and to call them my family. We are all an extended family at BMC. It means so much to me to support each of them in their good times as well as the bad times.

As co-workers and community members, we have many different personalities but we have one thing in common, a love for each other and to make each day the very best it can possibly be.


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