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Communities at Our Core: Today. Tomorrow. Together.

We’re Growing, Adapting, and Evolving

Nearly 130 years ago, The Ohio Masonic Home was started in Springfield, Ohio as a home for Master Masons and their wives, widows, and children. We’ve grown, adapted, and evolved a lot since then, helping communities thrive with three senior living communities, a resource center, and a foundation.


Our Focus Is Community

To bring more emphasis to our focus on community, The Ohio Masonic Home is now operating as The Ohio Masonic Communities. Whether it’s the campuses where residents live or the broader communities where our resource center provides support to people in their homes, our focus is always on helping communities thrive.

With the change to The Ohio Masonic Communities, The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation will now be operating as The Ohio Masonic Communities Foundation and The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center will now be operating as The Ohio Masonic Communities Resource Center. The name of each of the three campuses – Browning Masonic Community, Springfield Masonic Community, and Western Reserve Masonic Community – will remain the same.


We Are Rooted in Masonic Values

The Ohio Masonic Communities was founded by Masons, and still works closely with the Masonic Fraternity. The Masonic values are not only integral to our past, but also guide and shape everything we do. That’s why the Square and Compasses were added to the logo as a visual representation and reminder of our Masonic roots and values.


Our Commitment Is to Everyone

The Ohio Masonic Communities will still be committed to people and dedicated to communities. Our goal is still to be an employer and organization of choice. The updated name and logo highlight that commitment, dedication, and goal. We’re here for the long haul – with and for our residents, our staff, the communities we serve, and you. Today. Tomorrow. Together.


If you and your loved one are interested in senior living, schedule a tour at one of the scenic and beautiful communities. Call (877) 881-1623 today to learn more about great senior living options.