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Your mission…should you choose to accept it, is to give us your ideas! That’s right- we want to hear from YOU, our fellow employee and our most valuable resource. We want to hear your ideas on how to make your jobs easier, or how to make your business unit’s productivity stronger and our residents’ lives better. Have a great idea that could change the way we do business? Well, now here’s your chance to have it heard!

Through our very own Mission Possible Idea Submission, employees of Ohio Masonic Home and its entities have a chance to submit their own ideas that will not only improve business, but also have the chance to win prizes like cold hard cash, or even better, a PAID DAY OFF! Here’s how it works:

  • Utilizing the “Accept Mission” button below, employees submit their idea.
  • The ideas will be emailed to the appropriate Corporate Office personnel and reviewed by the Corporate Director of Human Resources.
  • Each idea submitted will be vetted: reviewing the idea’s ROI, process of implementation, impact on the business unit, and overall viability.
  • Every employee who submits an idea to Mission Possible Control will receive follow up communication on their idea’s status within 30 days of submission.
  • If an idea is chosen for implementation, that employee will be recognized by their respective leadership and business unit and have an opportunity to spin the Reward Roulette Wheel and receive the reward landed upon.
  • Any reward with a direct financial outcome will be taxed according to all relevant IRS regulations.
  • Quarterly, the business unit who submits the most ideas, the metric of which will be determined by the size of the unit divided by the number of submitted ideas (whether implemented or not,) will receive a celebration lunch/dinner paid for and hosted by the Corporate Executive Team.