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It’s Not the Kentucky Derby without Wearing a Hat

If you watch the Kentucky Derby, what’s the one thing that you notice as you watch the crowd? Ladies wearing all kinds of hats. Hats of different sizes and styles. The ladies of Springfield Masonic Community keep that tradition alive every year.  The day before the Kentucky Derby, the ladies gather in the morning to design and make their own hats.

What color will go with my outfit is a standard question. Many of the ladies will choose white or a neutral so any color will match their attire.  Some of the ladies will choose black so their colors on their hats really stand out.  Others may choose to bring their own hat to decorate. After deciding on their color, it’s time to choose the accessories for their hats.  What about ribbons to make a bow or flowers to make it very spring like. Let’s not forget feathers or possibly a horse, since it is a horse race.

One thing is for sure.  All of the ladies are proud of their hats and are looking forward to the Derby Day Party so they can show them off.