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Living Options

The Ohio Masonic Communities offers three premier lifestyle communities across Ohio, including Springfield Masonic Community, Browning Masonic Community, and Western Reserve Masonic Community, delivering exceptional experiences that make community members and staff feel like family.

While our organization was founded by the Ohio Masonic Fraternity, we are open to everyone, with values rooted in honesty, compassion, and friendship.

Our on-site healthcare options expand to meet the changing needs of the community members and families we serve. Setting the bar, our healthcare services go beyond quality of care. Our goal is to give those over 55 the option to remain independent while enjoying an active lifestyle.

We offer you the opportunity to maintain an independent lifestyle without worrying about housing upkeep, maintenance and repair.

Independent Living

Independent living is the hallmark of every senior living community and here at The Ohio Masonic Communities, we are proud to offer many diverse, and unique options.

Independent living may be a good option if:

  • You want a place to live that requires little or no home maintenance and yard work
  • You want to socialize with your peers and broaden your social network
  • You want to enjoy activities and meals in the company of others

Whether you choose to live in one of our spacious Villa Homes with a garage and yard or in one of our apartments, we have the option that is right for you!

We invite you to check out the opportunities available at our beautiful campuses:

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is the ideal solution for those over 55 who value their independence yet need some assistance with daily activities.

We offer private and couples’ rooms along with social gathering areas, activities, and dining facilities. You’ll find friendly neighbors who share the same lifestyle and the time to do what’s most important to you.

Each private room in residential care is unfurnished and waiting for your own furnishings and personal decorating touch. We offer assisted living residents an enhanced and nurturing lifestyle in a family atmosphere. Assisted living residents can maintain their independence while taking advantage of help when needed. Three meals daily in our dining room, laundry, linen and housekeeping services and help with activities of daily living are provided.

We invite you to check out the opportunities available at our beautiful campuses:

Healthcare Center

Our healthcare center rooms are private accommodations designed for those community members requiring 24-hour nursing care, on either an interim or long-term basis. Our healthcare centers are licensed by the State of Ohio and are Medicare and Medicaid certified.

We invite you to check out the opportunities available at our beautiful campuses:

Rehabilitation and Therapy

We offer comprehensive rehabilitation services right on our campus. We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology to our community members.

Our programs are staffed by licensed, certified therapists who have extensive experience working with older adults. Our professionals work closely with the other members of the community caregiving team so that rehabilitation, nursing, and dining services are provided as part of an integrated approach to wellness. This ensures comprehensive well-managed care for our community members.

We invite you to check out the opportunities available at our beautiful campuses:

Memory Support

Our Pathways Memory Support Neighborhood serves those over 55 with residential housing in a carefully designed environment that nurtures the individual person while promoting wellness and enrichment opportunities.

 We understand that everyone’s routine is unique. Our lifestyle in our memory support neighborhood is designed to offer programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows people to be engaged in activities on their schedule, not ours.

Our memory support centers are purposefully designed so that people can move freely, engaging in many of the activities the neighborhood provides. Open areas, green space and a meditation room have been specifically placed to support each dimension of wellness and give the perfect backdrop to the memory support programming.

Our support goes beyond the individual who calls our memory support centers home. We recognize that the complexity of memory loss affects those with the disease and those close to them.

Our approach takes into account that family health and interaction are essential components of whole person wellness. The goal is to alleviate family’s unease, by offering education and resources on Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, to pave the path for them to carry on meaningful relationships with their loved ones.

We invite you to check out the opportunities available at our beautiful campuses: