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The goal of The Ohio Masonic Communities Resource Center is to help members of our Masonic family, and other Ohioans, wherever they may be, find solutions for their financial, social and clinical needs. We provide a wide variety of resources and services, which contribute to sustaining the health, happiness and independence of individuals and their families. Our focus is on helping those we serve to receive the resources they need in the best location, whether that be their home, one of our campuses, or elsewhere.

The Ohio Masonic Communities Resource Center can quickly:

  • Answer questions about aging and wellness
  • Assist in navigating today’s complicated healthcare landscape, including providing answers to general Medicare/Medicaid, insurance, and other questions
  • Help obtain products or services to enhance independence
  • Coordinate with local programs that provide meals or transportation
  • Connect individuals with the best accommodation, including a nearby campus of The Ohio Masonic Communities
  • Connect individuals to home health, hospice or home-based medical services
  • Provide connections and introductions to appropriate local agencies or caregiving resources

We look forward to assisting you!

Need support? Give us a call at 1-877-881-1623. We’re always here for you.