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Quality Assurance Performance Improvement

What is QAPI and what does it mean to my facility?

QAPI is a data driven, proactive approach to improving the quality of life, care and services in nursing homes. It identifies areas in need of improvement, addresses gaps in systems, develops and implements an improvement plan and continually monitors its effectiveness.

The 6 Elements of an Effective QAPI Program


Design and Scope

Addressing all systems of care and management, including quality of life, clinical care and resident choice.


Governance and Leadership

The administration develops a culture of support and leadership for QAPI efforts and dedicates the resources needed for an effective program.


Feedback, Data Systems, and Monitoring

Systems are put in place to monitor care and services and track, investigate and monitor Adverse Events and using action plans to prevent recurrences.


Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs)

A PIP is a concentrated effort on a particular problem. PIPs are conducted to examine and improve care in areas that need attention.


Systematic Analysis and Systematic Action

The facility uses Root Cause Analysis, a systematic, thorough, highly organized/structured approach to identify problems and make positive changes. The focus is continual learning and improvement.


Process Improvements in Progress

  1. BMC- review of TB tests for staff
  2. WRMC/SMC- COVID and Infection Control Processes
  3. WRMC/BMC- Implementation of Dementia Programming
  4. SMC/BMC/WRMC- staffing focus

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