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Top 11 Benefits of Living in a Senior Living Community

Top 11 Benefits of Living in a Senior Living Community


Enhancing Health & Wellness while Promoting Lifestyle

Today’s senior living communities are different from those of the past and should not be confused with nursing homes. They can provide independent living, assisted living, and memory care for seniors who want to downsize and live a more maintenance-free lifestyle. Many times, older adults move to these communities when their spouses pass away, when they are recently retired, when their family home seems too large to manage, or are simply planning for a new chapter in their life. Moving to a retirement community means understanding that although you are no longer as young as you once were, there can be and (definitely is) still plenty of fantastic living to do. Here are the top 11 benefits of living in a senior retirement community.

Active Living at Its Best

One of the many benefits of senior living communities is the focused emphasis on activity and fitness. Senior adults can find a variety of activities that are fun and easy to do. Many retirement communities have fitness centers, recreation rooms, and calendars full of exercises and experiences that focus on a senior’s health and wellness. Activities that promote this lifestyle include:

  • Art classes
  • Woodworking shop
  • Sewing
  • Bus and field trips
  • Community events/ gatherings
  • Shuffleboard and pool
  • Card games
  • Bingo
  • Movie nights

Staying active also means being social, and helps to ward off social isolation among seniors. Activities such as these help to keep all residents active both physically and mentally no matter their backgrounds or interests.

A Sense of Community

One of the biggest differences between living in a senior living community and a typical residential neighborhood is the sense of community that can be felt among the senior living community members. This feeling greatly influences seniors’ well-being and quality of life, and it is one of the biggest benefits of living in a senior living community. Senior adults living in these types of communities typically know their neighbors and enjoy hobbies, interests, activities, and more, creating lasting memories together.

Multiple Support Services

You may move into a community as a fully independent older adult, but someday, you might be faced with age-related challenges. Choosing a senior living community puts everything in place to manage activities of daily living so you can continue to live the life you love. Some typical support services include:

  • Housekeeping/ Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Errands
  • Pet care
  • Community Management

Residents can also benefit from a variety of personal support services such as:

  • Physical rehab services
  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Medication reminders / Emergency call systems

Multiple Floor Plans

Senior living communities typically offer a variety of floor plans to choose from, depending on a senior’s lifestyle and budget. Residents can typically choose from:

  • Smaller 1-2 bedroom homes (villas) that are ideal for single living or couples
  • One-bedroom apartments
  • Two-bedroom apartments

Designed with senior living in mind, these living accommodations provide a variety of benefits including:

  • More affordable than multi-level homes
  • Reduced risk of falls
  • More livable square footage
  • Higher ceilings and open floor plans
  • Easy to evacuate in case of fire or another emergency
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • All amenities are located on one floor
  • Homes often have wider doorways, accessible bathroom features, and floor plans that allow adults to age in place.

Renew Old Hobbies and Discover New Ones

Moving into a senior living community can give you back the time to enjoy long-lost hobbies and interests as well as discover new ones. Life in a retirement community boasts all sorts of activities that focus on its residents experiencing a purposeful lifestyle. Whether you are an avid painter, enjoy entertainment or cultural events, traveling to fun and exciting places, a great senior living community can offer all of this and more.


Nutritious Meals and Excellent Dining

Most senior living communities have their own cooks on staff. Not only are chef-prepared meals both nutritious and delicious, but they also take into mind the importance of providing a balanced diet. Well-laid-out dining rooms can turn lunch or dinner into an opportunity to share laughter and news with family, friends, and even neighbors. Many senior living communities include meals in the monthly rate which can help seniors save big on food costs.


Staying Active with Fitness

When it comes to growing older, keeping physically active is a must. As we age, we naturally lose strength, flexibility, and balance. Regular fitness is crucial in prolonging an active lifestyle. Many retirement communities often have their own fitness and wellness programs. On-site fitness center/s are excellent places for residents to stay in shape, undergo rehabilitation, and enjoy fitness classes with other senior living community members and friends.


Improving Brain Health

Brain health is just as important as keeping physically active. Lifelong learning and continuing education opportunities within a senior living community become an additional way of staying active and maintaining a senior’s brain health. Among seniors, this is especially important in the lessening of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.


Safety and Security

Senior living communities are designed and built with older adults in mind. Good lighting, handrails, emergency call systems—these are standard features. Plus, with attentive staff members, any community member will be quickly missed if they don’t show up for an activity, meal, or social date. Most retirement communities are secluded and security entrance gates ensure that only approved residents and guests are admitted on the property. Often, senior living communities have additional security staff on-site for the residents’ protection. Security may also include:

  • Lighted parking lots, sidewalks, streets and common walkways
  • Well-lit common areas
  • Working fire alarms and smoke detectors
  • Emergency evacuation maps posted
  • Clearly marked exit doors

Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

When taking care of your home, there comes a time when it becomes too much. Cleaning, mowing and raking, repairs, washing dishes as well as laundry, become exhausting chores that never seem to end. Senior living communities provide a great maintenance-free life for their community members. By giving up these responsibilities, seniors can decrease daily stress and gain back time and energy to enjoy their hobbies and interests again.


Planning for the Future

You may move into a community as a fully independent older adult, but someday, you might be faced with age-related challenges. Choosing a senior living community puts everything in place to manage activities of daily living so you can continue to live the life you love. Ask any senior who lives alone in an older home, and they will tell you it can be stressful. Even if they hire someone to help with housekeeping and maintenance, keeping everything coordinated is a lot of work and money. Giving up these responsibilities and moving to a senior living community can help decrease an older adult’s stress and improve their quality of life.


Senior retirement communities offer incredible benefits to their residents, and because this all exists in a community setting, social events are common, friendships are easily fostered, and isolation is prevented. A Senior living community is not a nursing home; it’s an incredible place that focuses on giving older adults a healthy and active life full of meaning and purpose.


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