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Moving Day at the Western Reserve Masonic Community Healthcare Center

Moving to a New Home

February 1st was so much more then just the beginning of a new month or time to decorate for the next holiday, Valentine’s Day. It was moving day for the current healthcare center residents at Western Reserve Masonic Community. (WRMC) Remember that new home smell, decorating your bedroom just the way you want it to be and don’t forget sleeping in a brand-new bed on crisp white sheets. That describes February 1st for the healthcare center residents. The smile on their faces said it all.

Everyone Pitched In

The WRMC staff moved the belongings of each healthcare center resident. Everyone including WRMC President, Jason French, and all the staff helped with the move. Many personal items were moved in advance so rooms would be ready for the big day. When moving day arrived, items such as favorite recliners or that special comforter were moved and then the residents got their turn. They took a short ride through the halls to their new home.

The Compliments Kept Coming

Residents and family members had thoughts they wanted to share with the WRMC leadership and staff about the new healthcare facility. When everyone started talking, the compliments just kept coming.

The Wagner Family

Gwen Wagner was there with her mother, Margaret. Gwen shared, “The Wagner family is extremely thrilled to be here in this beautiful new home, not only for the great care but in this great new facility.”

WRMC Resident, Richard

Richard, a WRMC resident said, “It is a very nice, large room. I like it a lot!”

Ellie and Carol

As Ellie and her daughter Carol enjoyed their time together. Ellie stated, “Very nice, even more than I ever had thought it to be!” Her daughter Carol said, “There is so much space for the family to visit, and the big window. She loves how bright the room is.”

Winding Down for the Evening

As evening approached, all the residents enjoyed their first dinner in their new home. Their families felt content while they watched the excitement in their loved one’s eyes. As the families said good night and I love you, the residents settled down to watch TV and fall asleep in their brand new beds in their new home.


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