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Meet the Chaplain of Springfield Masonic Community, Rick Tettau

Springfield Masonic Community’s Chaplain, Rick Tettau

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) introduced a new chaplain to the residents this spring. Chaplain “Rick” has gotten to know many of the residents in just a few short months and ask anyone and you will learn how excited they are to have him as the new chaplain at SMC.

Getting to Know Chaplain Rick

Chaplain Rick is from Port Clinton, Ohio, and graduated from Port Clinton High School. He has one sister, Diana. He is married to his wife, Diane, who he met in college. Chaplain Rick and Diane have two children, seven cats and one dog.

A Little About Rick’s Education

The Ohio State University holds a special place in his heart. Besides himself, his wife, father-in-law, and his daughter are also OSU graduates, his daughter just graduating this spring. Following OSU, Chaplain Rick received his master’s degree in Christian Education with a certification in youth ministry from Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio. He also has a Master of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary, in Dayton, Ohio. Chaplain Rick was ordained in 2003. He is also a board-certified chaplain, by the Association of Professional Chaplains, which is the national credentialing board for chaplains.

Rick’s Service and Ministry

Chaplain Rick served in several local churches for 21 years. He enjoyed working with children and youth. His focus was missions, pastoral care, and family ministry. He transitioned into a chaplain ministry at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio followed by a chaplain ministry with Hospice. During his years with Hospice, Chaplain Rick worked in the Springfield, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas as well as many small towns in between, sometimes covering hundreds of miles in just one day.

Daily Responsibilities as A Chaplain

In March, Chaplain Rick became the SMC chaplain. He has a variety of responsibilities beginning with Sunday morning services. He does three services every Sunday, one in the chapel and two in the Pathways Memory Support Neighborhood. He also does three Bible studies per week, in Rickley, York Rite and Pathways Memory Support Neighborhood. He plans his Bible studies, so they relate to the Sunday morning service. The services as well as the Bible studies include Bible teaching and life applications. Another of his responsibilities is to handle the prearrangements for the SMC cemetery.

The Choice to Serve Others

The question that everyone always wants to know is “why did you choose to become a minister.” Chaplain Rick talked about attending church when he was a child and a teenager. He would attend church with his grandmothers. During those years, he came to understand what “faith” was to him. That understanding grew even stronger when he was in college. His faith guides him daily in spiritual matters, pastoral/religious support, and clinical chaplain support. Chaplain Rick believes that everyone deserves pastoral care as well as spiritual support.

If you ask the Springfield Masonic Community residents, you’ll quickly learn that Chaplain Rick has already touched the lives of many. He has an open-door policy and would love to meet any of you that he has not yet met.