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Have you witnessed a Mission Moment?

Each and every day, our employees LIVE our mission- You ARE the living expression of our Masonic Values – you serve as the trusted partner to help people age respectfully.

And now you have a way to recognize your co-workers and in turn, to be recognized for living our mission.

What is the Mission Moment program and how is it working at Ohio Masonic Home?

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Recognizing an employee for a Mission Moment is as easy as 1, 2,3!

Step 1: Witness Mission Moment
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Mission Moment Examples

The program allows Ohio Masonic Home employees, visitors and families, to recognize the mission when they see it in action. Below are some examples of what we believe constitutes going above and beyond- really LIVING our mission. These are examples that were given at our last round of leadership meetings:

We have a resident that is terminally ill and wanted to fly to Colorado to see her daughter. I witnessed our DON contact the airlines, call the oxygen company and make all the arrangements so that she could make the trip with oxygen. The nurses in turn contacted the pharmacy to get her medications pre–packaged so she could go. She was able to fly to Colorado to visit her daughter.

A resident assistant at BMC visits a former resident who moved to a nursing home several years ago. She visits her at least weekly, taking her for walks and attending to many of her personal needs.

An employee was pulling into work and saw another employee walking home. They offered the employee a ride and he accepted. The employee said they would do the same thing the next morning and later realized they would not be there the next day. Still went to work to take the employee.

An employee in the Community Center that takes the time to help a resident who has difficulty in deciding what to order. He holds her hand and goes over the menu and helps her decide. She waits for him every day. He is so kind and considerate.

Dave Miller, a resident in SMC condos wanted something to do. He had too much free time since he’s retired and did not want to sit still. He was already mowing his own grass, so I allowed him to help us mow the common areas to keep him “working” and active. He since has become one of my favorite residents and a friend.

One day while walking to the Community Center, my coworker and I came across a resident in the elevator that said she was having a bad day. When asked why, she said that she missed the sign up for the trip to Der Dutchmen. My co-worker went to talk to Joe, who then made sure the resident was put on the list and room was made for her to go.