12 Great Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy

Keeping Healthy and Active In the last census baby boomers, those 65+, accounted for 13% of the population. Aging is different now than it was for our parents and grandparents. Today, there are more people living longer than at any other time in our history. Baby boomers will number 78 million by 2030. More senior … Continued

11 Tips to Make Downsizing Easier

Downsizing Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult Downsizing your home can be overwhelming. Taking the stress of moving and compounding it with the challenge of going through years’ worth of “stuff” makes some people give up even before they get started. Ask yourself what belongings you can’t part with. Create a list of things you treasure … Continued

Music Therapy and Memory Support

The Incredible Power of Music Therapy When you think of music therapy, many thoughts may go through your mind. Possibly you envision people sitting around in a circle tapping on a tambourine and singing “Kumbaya”. Well, this is not entirely wrong or right. However, there is so much more to music therapy than a person … Continued

10 Ways for Senior Adults to Stay Active This Spring

Springtime, Let’s Get Active! Spring is the start of warmer weather, longer days, and the opportunity to spend more time outside. Older adults enjoy being outside after a long winter. Whether taking a walk or doing spring chores, make it a meaningful experience and why not enjoy the time with a friend or neighbor. Taking … Continued

5 Healthy Eating Tips for Senior Adults

March is National Nutritional Month National Nutrition Month was created 50 years ago by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During the month of March, everyone is invited to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits. Fuel for the Future This year’s theme is “Fuel for the Future.” … Continued

6 Winter Safety Guidelines for Senior Adults

Staying Safe This Winter During the winter months, ice, snow, and cold temperatures can make life difficult for everyone. Slippery sidewalks and cold weather can cause a wide range of injuries and illnesses, especially for older adults. The following safety tips for winter can help prevent common cold weather dangers to older adults. Winter Safety … Continued

6 Tips for Senior Adults to Stay Warm in the Winter

Watching Out for Hypothermia For all of us that live here in Ohio, during the winter months, the cold weather is something to which we may not necessarily enjoy but are accustomed. It’s important to bundle up and stay warm. Especially when it comes to older adults, body heat can be lost faster resulting in … Continued

4 Things To Look Out For When Visiting Aging Loved Ones This Holiday

Look Out for Signs of Aging “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays.” Christmas is a perfect time for family gatherings. For those of us with aging parents, it’s especially important as we visit them to be on the lookout for the signs of aging. Things like an overall lack of cleanliness, mobility … Continued

BEWARE of Scams This Holiday Season

Protecting Yourself from Scams Understand How to Identify and Protect Yourself from Scams Whether you’re shopping online to buy a car, or something much less expensive like clothing, it’s important to guard against online shopping scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission, online shopping scams are one of the most common scams reported by consumers. … Continued

Top 11 Benefits of Living in a Senior Living Community

Top 11 Benefits of Living in a Senior Living Community   Enhancing Health & Wellness while Promoting Lifestyle Today’s senior living communities are different from those of the past and should not be confused with nursing homes. They can provide independent living, assisted living, and memory care for seniors who want to downsize and live … Continued

5 Hot Weather Tips for Senior Living

Staying Safe This Summer Summer is definitely here for us here in Ohio, and with heat indexes having hit over 100 degrees, staying safe has never been more important for senior adults. Because of chronic health conditions, aging-related physical changes, and the effects of medications, older adults are at higher risk of developing heat-related illnesses. … Continued

As Our Parents Age

As our parents age, frequently we need to make decisions that we never anticipated making. Adult children worry about making the correct decisions. When caring for an aging parent from afar, it can be hard to know when your help is needed. Making important healthcare decisions for an aging parent can be hard on family … Continued

Alzheimer and Dementia Tips (continued)

Again this month, The Ohio Masonic Home is adding more tips to our blog to help you learn some ways to support your loved ones dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  We will continue to provide tips for you to use at home, as well as suggestions on when you may want to bring outside help … Continued

Common MYTHconceptions About Senior Living

There are many beliefs that are widely accepted about Healthcare and Senior Living that just aren’t true. Many are simple myths that are passed from generation to generation with little-to-no fact to support them, yet they are accepted as truth. Don’t base an important decision, such as choosing a Senior Living Community, on common MYTHconceptions. … Continued

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Getting your home ready to put on the market can be stressful! Follow our top 10 tips below and get your home ready to sell! Deep Clean & De-clutter Buyers are looking for a clean and organized home they can see themselves moving into. Start by deep cleaning your entire home. Clean the carpets, wash … Continued