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Have You Ever Been to Hawaii?

Some people have been fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii and some people dream of going, but may not be quite ready to go.  The Assisted Living Ladies Luau was the perfect way to try Hawaiian food during a luncheon at Western Reserve Masonic Community. Twenty-five ladies enjoyed Hawaii without ever needing to leave home. … Continued

You’re Never Too Old to Learn

You’re never too old to learn is the philosophy of the Browning Masonic Community (BMC) members. The National Museum of the Great Lakes was their most recent educational trip. Everyone learned history and facts related to the Great Lakes. The National Museum of the Great Lakes tells the incredible story of our Great Lakes through … Continued

Springfield Masonic Community Appreciation Lunch

Many people go to work and never hear the words “good job” or even the words “thank you.”  Those little words can make the difference in how you feel about your job.  Now, add in a pandemic and those words become even more important. At Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) the employees always know they are … Continued

WRMC Reader’s Theater

Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) has enjoyed a Reader’s Theater for several years.  The pandemic closed the curtain on their performances.  Now it’s time to raise the curtain and bring back these performances. The Reader’s Theatre group is busy practicing for their upcoming performance in June. This will be their first performance in the new … Continued

Cinco de Mayo Celebrated at WRMC

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.  The day, which fell on Thursday, May 5 in 2022, is also known as Battle of Puebla Day.  While it is … Continued

It’s Time for Flowers at BMC

Spring may have started out rainy and dreary, but it’s finally turned a corner and flowers are everywhere. You can find beautiful flowers at every entrance at Browning Masonic Community. (BMC) Keil’s Greenhouse in Swanton met all their needs. Keil’s Greenhouse is four generations offering an array of oversized, annual flower baskets, flower planters and … Continued

M is for Mom

When you think of all the words that start with the letter M, at this time of year we think of Mother, Mother’s Day, the month of May and of course Mom.  At Browning Masonic Community, (BMC) Moms are special and are always treated special. To celebrate BMC Moms, this year they were pampered with … Continued

Bird Talk with Carol

Community members at Browning Masonic Community enjoyed a special guest speaker. Carol spent part of an afternoon teaching the participants about a variety of birds found in the Waterville area. Carol is a bird enthusiast and works as a volunteer Toledo Metro Parks.   The community members didn’t have to worry about the weather or … Continued

BMC Ladies Day Outing

Ladies at Browning Masonic Community (BMC) enjoy spending time together.  If you ask some of the ladies they will tell you that they enjoy lunches out and of course shopping.  That’s exactly what they did earlier this week. The restaurant of choice was Cocina De Carlos, a very popular local Mexican restaurant. What Cocina de … Continued

Monthly Card Making at BMC

Do you like to receive cards? I know I do. Do you have a favorite type of card? Maybe it’s a birthday card or an anniversary card.  Browning Masonic Community (BMC) members gather once a month, every month and make different types of cards. Thinking of You, is that special type of card they were … Continued

Kentucky Derby Surprise Winner

The Kentucky Derby is steeped in traditions like fancy clothing and beautiful hats as well as Mint Julips and the singing of My Old Kentucky Home.  Those same traditions and can found at the Springfield Masonic Community. (SMC) Ladies made their hats and enjoyed the opportunity to win a gift card simply for wearing their … Continued

WRMC Ladies Tea; a Huge Success

Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) members enjoyed a tea in the new Community Center.  Over 40 women were in attendance. The ladies brought their vintage tea cups to the luncheon and shared stories about their special meanings as family heirlooms. Fabulous finger sandwiches made by their very own Chef Jud and the pastries came from Miss … Continued

SMC Mother’s Day Luncheon

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) celebrated Mother’s Day for all of the mothers on the campus. This year nearly 50 ladies enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Community Center.  The tables were set with beautiful tea service. The staff worked hard to make this meal special for all the mothers. While enjoying lunch some of the … Continued

It’s Not the Kentucky Derby without Wearing a Hat

If you watch the Kentucky Derby, what’s the one thing that you notice as you watch the crowd? Ladies wearing all kinds of hats. Hats of different sizes and styles. The ladies of Springfield Masonic Community keep that tradition alive every year.  The day before the Kentucky Derby, the ladies gather in the morning to … Continued

Springfield Masonic Community Happy Hour Still Going Strong

Happy Hour was a long time coming at the Springfield Masonic Community.  Will it last was a question that surfaced at the first Happy Hour. The answer is a resounding yes! Community members are enjoying their time together to relax and have an adult beverage and some hors d’oeuvres. If you prefer a soft drink, … Continued

What’s better than a delicious Dessert?

Everyone loves a delicious dessert, whether it’s at the end of dinner or maybe you prefer your dessert as a bedtime snack.  Whatever time of day you want to enjoy your sweet treat, Browning Masonic Community (BMC) members learned how to make a new dessert. BMC Cook Haley Foster put on quite the show demonstrating … Continued

SMC Participates in a Menu Chat

Are there certain foods that you like best?  Maybe there are some foods that you just don’t like.  If you are a community member at Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) your food service leadership is interesting in knowing the answers to these questions.  On the last Tuesday of each month, you get to share your thoughts … Continued

BMC Enjoys Pop It Paint It

Do you like to paint?  Community members at Browning Masonic Community (BMC) definitely do.  Pop It Paint It came to BMC and worked with a large group to enjoy a painting activity.  Jamie, the owner, worked with everyone to paint a spring rain boot filled with fresh flowers. This monthly art class is a Browning … Continued

The Excitement of Living in a Construction Zone

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a construction zone?  Maybe your first thought is I wouldn’t want to do that. That’s the opposite of what the community members at Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) think.  They are excited to watch their community, or as they would tell you, their home continue … Continued

Do You Enjoy Breakfast with Friends?

Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) men enjoy a monthly breakfast. Is there a purpose for this breakfast? To enjoy visiting with each other, a time to laugh and relax and catch up. Each month, one of the WRMC male staff members joins them for breakfast.  He shares news of what is going on at WRMC.  … Continued

Current Events at WRMC

We are never too old to learn.  One of the best ways to learn is to keep up with current events, locally, in your own state as well as nationally. The community members at Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) do just that, every Thursday morning. This meeting is run by the community members. Members of … Continued

Lower London Street Band Returns to SMC

There was an air of excitement as the Lower London Street Band returned to Springfield Masonic Community. (SMC)  They performed traditional Dixieland music, which they are well known for. They have been playing for audiences for 45 years. Over 50 community members enjoyed the band as well as the second week of Friday Happy Hour. … Continued

SMC Widow’s Dinner

The 35th Annual Springfield Masonic Community Widow’s Dinner is a time to reflect on the husbands that are no longer on this earth.  Their spirits with continue to live on in their hearts. Prior to the dinner, the widows met privately with Timothy S. Wheeland, Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio where … Continued

BMC Enjoys Bingo

Most of us probably learned to play Bingo when we were kids at a birthday party or family gathering. When you went to school, you played Bingo related to different subjects in school.  Many teachers used Bingo as a way to help their students learn their math facts.  What is 6 X 4?  If you knew … Continued

Have You Ever Thought about Making Your Own Soap?

Have you ever thought about making your own soap would not be an unusual questions if you were a community member at Browning Masonic Community. (BMC)  Soap making is a monthly occurrence at BMC.  Men and women, usually a dozen or more gather to make their own soap. How do you make soap?  Just ask … Continued

WRMC Community Center Opening

Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) members have been enjoying the expansion of their community since September.  The first part of the construction project to be completed was the Community Center. This opening was celebrated with a champagne toast followed by a performance by the Brass Band of the Western Reserve. Close to 130 community members … Continued

Raging Bull Wood Fired Pizza Kicks off the Food Truck Season

At Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) food trucks are a tradition as soon as Spring rolls around. Every pay day Friday, you will find a food truck behind Burdick Hall starting at 10:30 AM until 1:00 PM. There is a steady line of traffic enjoying great food. There is no shortage of good company as well … Continued

Lunch and Learn: Fueling with Fruits & Vegetables

Another successful Lunch and Learn took place in the Clubhouse at the Springfield Masonic Community. Over 60 people enjoyed another educational topic, Fueling with Fruits and Vegetables.  Ali Schulze, Director of Healthy Living, YMCA of Greater Dayton was the presenter. Fueling with fruits and vegetables can provide many health benefits. Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants, … Continued

Dinner at Bender’s Tavern

When you enter the doors of Bender’s Tavern, you are following in the footsteps of others who were hungry and came to be fed and partake of the hospitality of the tavern. Benders is a restaurant that Western Reserve Masonic Community members chose for their fine dining night out. For some of the community members, … Continued

May 2022 Superstar Spotlight

At Browning Masonic Community, our employees are super stars! We recently sat down with Amanda, Manager of Food Services so she could share her story and the success she’s had at Browning Masonic Community. Meet Amanda, a Browning Masonic Community Super Star! How long have you worked at Browning Masonic Community (BMC)? I have worked … Continued

National Wear Your PJ’s to Work Day

Each year on April 16th, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day allows us a reprieve after meeting a late-night deadline shuffling receipts, and adding columns to file our taxes. We’re not sure who made Wear Pajamas to Work Day a thing, but it’s becoming nationally and virally popular. This holiday always falls on the weekday after Tax … Continued

SMC First Happy Hour; a Huge Success!

April 15th was the beginning of a weekly tradition at Springfield Masonic Community. (SMC) Community members enjoyed the first ever Happy Hour! A variety of beverages were available from wine and beer to mixed drinks. For those that didn’t want an alcoholic beverage, soft drinks were also available. Delicious hors d’oeurves were provided and enjoyed by … Continued

Look What’s Blooming in Pathways!

Have you ever been to Wardell’s Green House? You can find all kinds of veggies and herbs to start your garden.  The community members in Pathways Memory Care at Browning Masonic Community are starting their indoor garden. Everything has been planted and now it’s time take care of the garden.  How often will we need … Continued

National Peach Cobbler Day

Did you know there is actually a holiday to celebrate Peach Cobbler?  April 13th is National Peach Cobbler Day. The community members at Browning Masonic Community (BMC) enjoyed a delicious peach cobbler dessert. National Peach Cobbler Day on April 13th each year recognizes a delicious dessert that originated during the 19th century. Varieties of pie … Continued

Everybody loves to get Greeting Cards

What is your favorite type of greeting card?  Do you like to get cards or make someone’s day by sending them a card.  Community members at Browning Masonic Community spent some time making greeting cards. Dandelions and ladybugs were the main theme of the cards either wishing you well or simply telling you hello. As … Continued

Good Friday Fish Fry at Browning Masonic Community

Around the world, Good Friday is a day when many people eat fish as a part of the Holy Week celebration.  Browning Masonic Community is no exception.  Community members enjoyed a freshly fried fish dinner. Villa community members came to the main building and dined together in Harmony Hall and many of the other community … Continued

What Do You Know About Playing Pool?

Community members at Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) are learning about the game of pool from Bruce Gardner.  Bruce and his wife Betty Jane moved to SMC from Maryland about 9 months ago. Bruce started playing pool at the age of 13 in his uncle’s basement. His interest continued and at 18 he was playing pool … Continued

Where are We Going for Lunch?

Where are we going for lunch is a regular question for Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) members. Twenty eight community members enjoyed a lunch outing to the Center Café at Medina Career Center. The Center Café offers a sit down lunch Wednesday through Friday from 10:30am to 12:30pm, October through mid-May.  All foods are prepared and served by … Continued

Coffee Connection; Meet with your SMC President

Would you like the opportunity to meet your campus president?  If you live at the Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) you have the opportunity to do just that on the second Friday of each month at 1:00 PM.  Tony Berardi, SMC President, meets with anyone that chooses to attend the Coffee Connection.  The meeting, or Coffee … Continued

SMC Fish Fry; A Huge Success

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) members weren’t concerned that it was a cold, gloomy Friday night.  It was the annual SMC Fish Fry and well over 150 people were in attendance.  Community members invited their family members and quite a few SMC employees celebrated the evening sitting side by side with the community members. The delicious … Continued

SMC Service Award Lunch

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) celebrated 330 years of service between 25 dedicated employees. Their years of experience ranged from 5 to 30 years and included careers such as nursing, dietary, housekeeping, life enrichment  and grounds just to name a few. The celebration began with a delicious lunch served in the Community Center. Some of the … Continued

Veteran’s Roll Call Returns to SMC

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) was happy to resume their in person Veteran’s Roll Call.  As it was before the pandemic, some things never change. The roll call always begins with the Pledge of Allegiance.  That may sound easy, but to some of the veterans in the room standing can be a challenge.  Then to stand … Continued

Greater Springfield Partnership Annual Awards, SMC Wins Business of the Year

The Greater Springfield Partnership recently held their Annual Meeting at the Hollenbeck Bayley Creative Arts and Conference Center on the campus of Clark State College.  The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards.  The winners for 2021 are: Business of the Year:  Springfield Masonic Community Small Business of the Year:  Fire Manufacturing Innovations … Continued

Let’s Go to the Opera

Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) members enjoyed a performance by performers from the Dayton Opera.  Three of their company traveled to the campus to perform for the community members.  Approximately 35 people enjoyed a 40 minute program.  The performers included tenor, Henry Benson from Wisconsin and soprano Amanda Lynn Perzyk from Michigan. On keyboard was John … Continued

Caring for Each Other

Sometimes life just doesn’t go the way you plan.  For 23 people living in Hugh Taylor Apartments in Springfield that was the case on February 10th. A fire broke out in the high rise apartment building and some of the residents lost everything except for the clothes on their backs. Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) is … Continued

Have You Ever Thought About Donating Blood?

Luke Holtsberry thinks about donating blood at every possible opportunity when Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) holds their regular blood drives. He has been a regular blood donor for four years.  He is a Power Red donor. Luke has a process that he follows when donating blood.  He usually donates in the morning, so he fixes … Continued

Create Your Own Pasta Dinner at SMC

Most people really enjoy a good pasta dinner, especially when you don’t have to do the cooking or clean up afterwards. That’s what the Independent Living community members at Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) got to enjoy this week. An interactive pasta bar dinner was held at the SMC Community Center. Betty Jane Gardner and her … Continued